Learning Development in a Time of Disruption

This blog post shares my latest conference poster titled: Learning Development in a Time of Disruption. This poster presents the research I have undertaken for my Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP). This full version of the poster is hosted on the National Teaching Repository and can be accessed below:

Poster for Learning Development in a Time of Disruption. The alternative audio and textual version of this poster is linked in the caption of this image.
You can Download the PDF copy, or read the Accessible Linear & Audio Version via this blog.


The Covid-19 Pandemic had (and continues to have) a significant, worldwide impact on Higher Education. This research project analysed a special issue of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (JLDHE) to identify how third space professionals respond to this challenge.

The special issue of JLDHE contained 102 peer-reviewed reflections, identifying numerous challenges and responses to teaching in Covid-19. All reflections were analysed using structural, topic and thematic coding to identify common responses and challenges to pandemic teaching.

The findings of this study have identified a range of individual and shared challenges for both students and third space professionals. One of the core findings relates to the diversity of responses that have been designed to meet these challenges, with over 100 distinct pedagogic and technical solutions to pandemic teaching. From these, five core themes have emerged: emergency remote teaching; reflective practice and evaluation; pedagogy and technology support; collaboration and shared practice; and, course design for the long-term.

There are four core implications for future practice. Firstly, it is important to develop flexible policies and procedures to allow practice to develop in times of disruption. Secondly, rich educational research and case studies can support innovative and adaptive practices in times of disruption. Thirdly, university staff need support and training to ensure online pedagogies and technology are supported. Finally, reflective practice and evaluation are required to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement.

Keywords: Covid-19, Higher Education, pandemic, teaching, third space professionals

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