Impossible list

I have decided to start an Impossible List and share it here on my blog. An Impossible List is a dynamic and fluid list of goals. Unlike a ‘Bucket List’ that is based on what you want to do before you die, an Impossible list is there to focus on how you live.

Publicly posting my list here is part of my commitment to have a go at it. While I don’t expect to (or have to) do everything on the list, it is certainly worthwhile to have a think about some things I would want to do. At least doing this now gives me some opportunity to actually do some of this stuff!

Many thanks to Thomas Frank for sharing this idea and structure and to Joel Runyon for formulating the original Impossible List.

Academic Goals

  • Get a degree BA Hons Geography – Graduated with a 1st class in 2010 
  • Finish my level 7 in Education to either Diploma or Masters level
  • Complete my Doctorate in Education
  • Complete 10 MOOCS – 2/10
  • Complete a PG Cert in HE teaching

Professional Goals

  • Become a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy  – Achieved 2015
  • Become a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Become a Postgraduate Fellow of the Royal Geography Society – Achieved 2015
  • Become a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
  • Speak at a conference  – Completed 2011. Total of 5 conferences as of 1/1/2016
  • Publish a paper at a conferenceCompleted 2016 – Beyond books: the concept of the academic library as learning space

Skill Goals

  • Learn to play a simple song on the guitar
  • Learn PHP and develop a simple web app
  • Learn Javascript and develop a simple web app

Travel Goals

  • Visit France
  • Visit Spain
  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit Belgium
  • Visit Croatia – Completed 2017
  • Visit Italy – Completed 2009 
  • Visit the Netherlands  – Completed 2017
  • Visit Germany
  • Visit the USA
    • California
    • Texas
    • Louisiana
    • New York
    • Florida

Events to attend

  • Attend a TEDx event – Completed 2014 @TEDxHull
  • Attend a TED Conference
  • Attend a Lib Dem Spring Conference – Completed 2014
  • Attend a Lib Dem Autumn Conference
  • Comicon

Life Goals

  • Own 500 books – 353 so far 
  • Buy a house or apartment
  • Get married

Creative Goals

  • Become a power user of Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro
  • Exhibit some of my photography

Habit Goals

  • Have a healthy daily breakfast – Since September 2017
  • Read every day
  • Take part in weekly exercise – Since September 2017

Health Goals

  • Run 5k – Completed December 2017
  • Run 10k
  • Loose 3st.