Wahoo & Boo: I’m no longer a student

Today my student card finally expires.

My student email will close.

I’ve been enrolled as a student in higher education since 2007. Today, for the first time in over a decade – I am no longer enrolled at a university for study. While this represents a tragic end to student discounts, it does mean I have FINALLY finished my Doctor of Education. While I passed my Viva Voce in summer 2020, completed my amendments in autumn and graduated in winter, I never got around to blogging about this. I blame the pandemic. It has consumed much of my life!

It feels fantastic to finally be Dr Fallin EdD. It represents the conclusion of years of reading, writing and research. Above all, I am incredibly proud of my thesis: Reading the Academic Library: an exploration of the conceived, perceived and lived spaces of the Brynmor Jones Library at the University of Hull. My main goal is to now try and adapt some of it for publication. I think my findings are really timely given the changes COVID-19 has brought to library spaces. Lots for us all to think about as we see more returns to campus over the future months and years. My biggest personal challenge will be getting this writing done alongside parenthood. Coffee and late nights I think?

I should briefly take time to thank my dedicated supervisors Dr Ruth Slatter and Dr Josef Ploner. They were super support through the whole journey. I also had the benefit of three awesome examiners that really helped my improve the final thesis so thanks also go to Prof. Helen Walkington, Dr Kirsty Finn and Prof. Andy Jonas.

With my thesis over, I really need to get back to blogging more. Hopefully writing that makes it a reality…

2 thoughts to “Wahoo & Boo: I’m no longer a student”

  1. Congrats Dr Lee. Hope the best for you.

    Speaking of the students discounts could u please tell me more about it ! ^_^

    1. In the UK, you will find a lot of companies offer a student discount. Check out StudentBeans and Unidays – both of which aggregate discounts.

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